A Letter to the Governor

Urban Core Education Dedicated to Student Health and Safety

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix remains supportive of all of our urban core schools and is protective of our students. As we navigate through this challenging time, our biggest advocate Phoenix Community Alliance has issued a letter to Governor Doug Ducey voicing concern for opening up while key urban communities are facing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full letter here.

Tied to Our Business Advocates

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix’s (HRSP) sponsor and advocate, Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA), urgently advocates for certain standards when it comes to reopening our Phoenix schools. To keep everyone healthy and safe we would like everyone to remember our community is stronger when we work together.

HRSP and PCA support the idea that Arizona must carefully balance the timing of opening schools with the assuredness that it is a safe environment for our students. Not only will it need to be safe for our students but by extension their families, our teachers, administrators, and staff. 

If we reopen too soon and suffer a relapse, the sacrifices we all have made this spring will be for naught. Education funding must remain a priority for Arizona, with no cuts as the state wrestles with the fiscal impact from the Coronavirus. The education process has suffered tremendously, and we must prevent education from also suffering again financially.

During this challenging time, our urban core educators do everything they can to support their students and families, and therefore our community. Teachers and educators in all Downtown Phoenix schools have taken great strides and gone beyond education to provide resources for their students. As education heroes our teachers have become a lifeline for many of our Downtown Phoenix families.

Examples of Educational Support for Urban Core Students

  • Securing and updating with child-appropriate safety filters, and then delivering more than 2,500 laptops to Phoenix Elementary District #1 children while facilitating WiFi connections to enable the technology so students can move to online education
  • Ensuring breakfast and lunches are available to students who rely on school meals to sustain them
  • Teachers personally delivering technology and student-earned food gift cards, thanks to a generous donor, for families of Genesis Academy, a downtown Title 1 alternative high school for 14-21 year olds
  • PPE donated from our urban core Community Colleges, Phoenix College and Gateway, where a drive-thru food bank was established to hand out St. Mary’s food boxes, and EMT training was accelerated to add more first responders to help with accelerating needs
  • Testing designed at our Universities for both the active virus (ASU) and antibodies (UA)

We are Proud of Our Educational Heros

Our urban educators act as ‘first responders’ for many of their students and families. As such, we implore you to minimize their risk to COVID-19 by not reopening schools too soon and avoid any temptation to reduce education funding levels, which just now are back to pre-2008 levels.

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