Faith North Early Childhood Educational Center Teacher

AEF Semi-finalist at 2020 Teacher of the Year Awards

Congratulations to teacher Angela Edington, an outstanding instructor from Phoenix Elementary School District #1, a High Rising Schools community of schools, for being an Arizona Educational Foundation Teacher of the Year Award semi-finalist!

Every year, amazing Arizona teachers get recognized for their service in shaping young minds here in the Valley by the Arizona Educational Foundation. The AEF honors the top ten Arizona public school teachers who go above and beyond for their students for a chance to become the AEF Teacher of the Year and a chance for $15,000 cash among other amazing opportunities.

Phoenix Community Alliance and High Rising Schools of Phoenix understand the value of our Valley teachers and want to celebrate each for the amazing work they do to connect with our youth. 

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is a community of schools in Downtown Phoenix, which has some of the most incredible learning institutions in the nation. Each of our schools meets the highest standards of safety and have thorough academic programs that set students up for success. 

PCA and the High Rising Schools community want to recognize Phoenix Elementary School District #1 for one of their teachers being selected as a part of the top ten finalists in the 2020 AEF Teacher of the Year Program.

Semi-finalist, Angie Edington, is an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Faith North Early Childhood Learning Center in Phoenix Elementary School District #1. Edington is one of the Phoenix school teachers to be recognized for her excellence in education for Downtown Phoenix schools.

“Early childhood education is an essential component of preparing students for future academic success,” Edington said. “Early childhood curriculum and play-based educational experiences foster the development of the whole child by constructing a strong foundation for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.” 

Edington has been teaching in Phoenix Elementary School District #1 for over 15 years and is highly regarded as a stepping stone to elementary for the work she does with special education students. Edington believes play is an essential part of a student’s success.  

“Play allows students to gather and process information, practice new skills, and reinforce concepts already learned while creating a connection to their own life through meaningful student interactions,” Edington continued.

If you are interested in nominating an exceptional teacher in the Valley for the next Arizona Educational Foundation Teacher of the Year Award, here is more information on how the process works.

Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony

At the 2020 award ceremony, the award winner is named as the next AEF Arizona Teacher of the Year. The four finalists are honored as “Ambassadors for Excellence” and the remaining five are Semi-Finalists. 

Once selected as one of the top ten honored teachers in Arizona, the teachers engage in a year of service with AEF. Teachers can showcase their recognition by making public appearances at special events, serving on policy committees, delivering speeches, and/or conducting professional development for others in the Valley. With donor funding, much more is offered to each of the finalists.

High Rising Schools and its community is excited to promote excellent teachers and students within the Downtown Phoenix learning institutions. Learn more about High Rising Schools of Phoenix and how we are invested in the success of all students in Downtown Phoenix by reading more about our community of schools by visiting our website today! Success starts with a good education, find out more here.

Congratulations to Angela Edington and Faith North!

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