Aim High With Arizona School For The Arts

This month we want to highlight an exceptional and creative school that is a unique gem among Arizona schools. We are a proud supporter of the Arizona School for the Arts, another High Rising School of Phoenix that invests in promoting creativity in every student. The arts are so essential and this High Rising School knows it. An arts education teaches students innumerable lessons like practice forms precision, collaboration leads to creativity and making small differences can create large effects. 

The Arizona School for the Arts is a school like no other. As the school’s mission relays, ASA inspires creative thinkers and leaders by providing an innovative concentration in college preparation informed by the performing arts. 

Embracing the Arts

Almost as soon as motor skills develop, children communicate through artistic expression. Yet while we recognize this effort from children, its place in the traditional K-12 education curriculum has become increasingly tenuous.

In Arizona, 80% of the residents in the Valley believe that arts help students perform better academically, and not surprisingly, they are right! According to the Americans for the Arts, a student involved in the arts is four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

The arts are recognized as a core academic subject under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and 48 states have adopted standards for learning in the arts. Additionally, low-income students who are highly educated in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education.  

The quality well-rounded education found at ASA builds confidence, self-discipline, and adaptability in each student that attends.  

The Benefits of an Arts Education

Having an art-focused education brings many advantages to develop important characteristics children need as adults. In addition to some of the more obvious benefits like building creativity, visual learning, and collaboration, there is more to an art education that helps develop children for the real world. A few characteristics that students work towards at ASA are:

Confidence – Participating in the arts does wonders for a student’s ability to be confident in themselves. The fear of getting up on stage in front of many people forces kids to step out of their comfort zone, to where the world begins. And most importantly their self-confidence grows as they see their own progress.

Perseverance – Learning a new instrument or perfecting that dance move can most definitely be challenging, and mastering it can be so frustrating students may want to quit. But after encouragement, practice, and the right mindset perseverance will pay off. Professionals continue to be asked to develop new skills and work through the difficulties, learning this at a young age can prepare students for their jobs later in life.

Focus – As students persevere through a painting or a ballet or learning the lead in a play focus is imperative. Focus is the gateway to all thinking, and certainly, it is vital for studying and learning in class as well as doing a good job in the workforce.

The Teachers that Create and Inspire

The professional learning environment at ASA is exceptional and the teachers and staff are no exception. These inspiring individuals work behind the scenes, literally, to help inspire and educate the student population to achieve their fullest potential.

At ASA the faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence in all educational platforms. Filled with empowering minds and impressive skills, the faculty is full of academic scholars and performing artists that provide specialized attention to each of the students enrolled. The difference is personal attention as an average class size at ASA is  1:16, they support students holistically, integrating studies and reinforcing cultural norms to bring out their best. This incredible administration promotes a dual focus in traditional academics with an emphasis on cultural arts.

Around Campus

The Arizona School for the Arts offers a well-rounded curriculum for those dedicated and fortunate students that attend their campus. High academic standards are achieved through an intensive college-preparatory curriculum where students benefit through instruction in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language, and Scholastic endeavors that hone real-world skills. Their extracurricular activities and clubs include Robotics, Mock Trial program, Student Government, Model United Nations, Cross Country, National Honor Society, and Mu Theta Alpha.

Admission to ASA is based on a random lottery drawing as the number of applicants typically exceeds the number of spaces available. *Educational Note – the deadline for student applications to be accepted for the 2020-21 school year is February 19, 2020. Applications are accepted online or if you have any questions about the process, visit the ASA website. Once accepted to ASA, students are secure to transition 5th-12th grade and complete the full program.

At ASA students develop critical thinking skills through performance-ready programs that let them learn, think, read, write, and discuss complex topics in a real-world creative environment that bridges arts and academics.

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