BASIS Phoenix Central (K–5) is a High Rising School of Phoenix

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix offers a multicultural and multifaceted education experience that can’t be duplicated in suburban institutions. Proudly offering best-in-class art programs, advanced technology programs, civic engagement opportunities, and more, the High Rising Schools of Phoenix is an integral component of the thriving downtown landscape. Our schools offer a rich environment of electives and extracurricular activities along with a dynamic core curriculum to ensure students have what they need to get ahead in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. Downtown Phoenix’s public schools, public charter schools, and private schools have risen to become some of the most high-performing and highly sought-after in Arizona.

BASIS Phoenix Central teachers, all experts in their disciplinary fields, tap into the unlimited academic resources of Downtown Phoenix to amplify their lessons and engage their curious K–5 students in the globally competitive BASIS Charter Curriculum. Rich with creativity and innovation, the multicultural urban neighborhood surrounding the school, and throughout the rapidly growing Valley, provide deep academic enrichment opportunities.

At the doorstep of the Phoenix Arts District—beset with a multitude of cultural and fine arts institutions, galleries, theatres, and museums—BASIS Phoenix Central draws students from across the metro area. They choose to pursue either the traditional, famed BASIS Charter Curriculum track or the Arts Element at BASIS Phoenix Central, an arts-enriched pathway to the accelerated curriculum, through deeper fine arts study and a broad offering of arts courses, complemented by local area guest artists and field trips.

A growing hub for science, tech, and medical institutions and businesses, greater Phoenix attracts top minds from around the world, providing BASIS Phoenix Central students with exclusive research opportunities to prepare for their future success at the nation’s top high schools, top-tier universities and colleges, and beyond. With 22 high-performing schools in the greater Phoenix/Tucson area, educating students in kindergarten through grade 12, the acclaimed network offers BASIS Phoenix Central students access to an impressive source of firsthand, pioneering interdisciplinary study. 

Centrally located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, BASIS Phoenix Central’s student population contributes to its culturally and socially diverse community. Approximately 600 students from various backgrounds comprise the student body. By sharing different perspectives, collaborating, and supporting each other, they are empowered to reach high standards together. 

Downtown Phoenix is home to some of the best academic institutions in Arizona. These aptly named High Rising Schools of Phoenix offer comprehensive and competitive curricula enriched by arts, technology, and multicultural influence. 

Apply now to enroll your child at BASIS Phoenix Central for the 2019–20 academic year, starting Monday, August 5. 

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