Capitol Elementary School – Phoenix Elementary School District #1

Near the hustle and bustle of the Arizona State Capitol sits High Rising School, Capitol Elementary, a K-8 school that invites students and families from across the valley.  “My Happy Place” is how students refer to Capitol as the school focuses on both academics and social well being. The positive environment is highlighted in this video clip:

Employees of the Arizona State Capitol and many Arizona State Departments, drive in the HOV lane and bring their children with them to attend Capitol School as they commute into work to take part in the many unique opportunities that the school has to offer.

Rich in history, this school was originally known as Van Buren School but was renamed for the Arizona Capitol in 1912 when Arizona became a state. Students of Capitol School have exclusive access to state special events and activities and are often invited by Governors and other dignitaries to visit their offices for lifetime memories not often experienced by other students.

Like all Phoenix Elementary School District #1 schools, a holistic approach to education is central to the curriculum at Capitol School. Capitol has programs designed to improve student’s physical, social, and emotional health which impacts the positive culture on campus. Students are engaged in rigorous academics, as well as art, music, physical education and have access to free after school athletic programs, clubs, and programming.  PEER Club is a free after school program offered at Capitol School to students of working parents. It’s one of the most sought-after programs in Phoenix.

In addition, Capitol School students and staff are fortunate to have amazing partnerships with downtown businesses. One especially strong partnership at the school is with the international law firm of Quarles & Brady. The firm has sustained an incredibly valuable partnership with the school for 26 years.  This, like other similar partnerships, brings invaluable experiences to the students of Capitol School with field trips, mentoring, tutoring, and three to four homeroom parties each year held across the grade levels.

The students of Capitol School are definitely in “their happy place” with quick access to all the major landmarks near downtown and the AZ Capitol.

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