Education Providers Incorporating Online Learning into their Curriculum in Response to COVID-19 

The current health crisis is calling the upcoming school year into question. Educators, school staff, parents, and students are all scrambling to figure out what is going to happen and to prepare accordingly. On June 29th, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order that states in-person classes won’t begin until August 17th. However, schools may consider an earlier start if they integrate distance learning into their curriculum. According to a survey from Phoenix Elementary School District, concerns are still high, even with the executive order. The June 2020 survey found that 40% of parents said they would not send their kids back to school, 16% would, and 44% were undecided.  In response to this, many educators are enlisting online learning into their curriculum. 

How Does Online Learning Work

According to the June 2020 survey, many people are struggling to decide if they want their kids to return to in-person schooling. When asked if they wanted to express other concerns, many said they were looking into alternative options, such as hybrid learning or completely digital. With parents on the fence about what to do, distance education is one option for safer learning.  However, while it may sound simple to some, online education completely changes how teachers approach their curriculum. To provide a comprehensive learning experience, schools offering distance learning should:

  • Establish individualized learning plans as a road map for the school year
  • Educate Arizona-certified teachers and counselors on instruction and use of technology
  • Encourage parents to be involved in student learning by helping them stay on track, record attendance, and communicate with teachers
  • Invoke curriculum that will enrich and inspire deeper learning

The biggest concern parents are having with distance learning is adequate structure and communication between teachers and students. For schools to launch online learning without a hitch, they must strategize ways they will negate these concerns to provide quality instruction to their students. 

Downtown Phoenix Schools That Are Moving Forward With Online Learning

To protect the health of their students and staff, there are a handful of High Rising Schools of Phoenix that have announced their intention to incorporate online learning into their curriculum.  The growing list of Downtown Phoenix schools incorporating online education includes: 

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