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Friendly House has pioneered as one of Arizona’s first social service agencies. Established in 1920 by Phoenix Americanization Committee, Friendly House was created to assist immigrants in acquiring the literacy skills and education necessary to become a U.S. citizen to assimilate successfully into this country. With close to a century under its hat as a charitable organization, the organization continues to stay true to its mission – To empower Arizona communities through education and human services.

In this modern time, Friendly House has evolved to address multiple social service needs in the community. This amazing organization offers programs in Early Education Development, a K-8 Charter School, Youth Education Services, Family and Crisis Services, and Immigration and Citizen Services. 

Friendly House has helped refashion and change lives in this community for over 94 years. Incorporating core values of Integrity, Results, Teamwork, Respect, Excellence, Innovation, and Empowerment Friendly House is ready to write the next chapter in their success story.

Friendly House offers many skilled programs that help new families acclimate to their new normal. Providing opportunities for advancement with a hands-on approach will help these new citizens become successful. The Friendly House programs include:

Elementary Education

  • A Quality First participating center, The Early Childhood Development Center is designed to be a child’s home away from home. Providing affordable, innovative, quality education services to support and contribute to the well-being of children and their families.
  • The Friendly House Academia del Pueblo Elementary Charter School offers a high rising and comprehensive curriculum designed to meet and excel in K-8 educational state standards.

Adult Education & Workforce Development

  • Friendly House’s Workforce Development Program helps to educate and empower each person to be self-sufficient and to be the principal character for their family, for their community, and job placement guidance.
  • The Immigration and Legal Services office assists individuals with Immigration Law and Citizenship needs.

Family and Human Services

  • Providing assistance for children and families to stabilize their personal and home environments, the Emergency Supportive Services Department provides emergency relief, counseling, and parent training.
  • Strengthening family bonds, the Parent Education & Drug Prevention services at Friendly House strengthens family bonds and improves home management through interaction and proper parent-child communication.
  • The Youth Education Services Program mentors disadvantaged youth from varying backgrounds on how to start on the path to success by providing college education resources to push themselves to a better and brighter future.

Recent notable accomplishments from Friendly House services include:

  • Academia del Pueblo School applies for the 21st Century after school grant program to the US Department of Education for the 2020 to 2024 school years helping to fund after school tutoring, sports programs, and family engagement events.
  • Fifth-grade teacher, Shalini Sharma, is the recipient of this year’s Milken Educator Award. This highly selective award is given to individuals who are committed to helping students thrive in school. This is a proud moment for Academia del Pueblo students, congratulations to Ms. Sharma and all of the work she has done!
  • In partnership with APS, Friendly House is helping to provide scholarships up to $10,000 to individuals who are interested in pursuing a Lineworker career. Scholarship recipients will receive support throughout the program participation.

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