Highlights From Governor Ducey’s Open For Learning Executive Order

In case you missed it Governor Doug Ducey released an executive order that mandates schools delay the start of in-person classes until August, 17th. Classes may begin the session at their regularly scheduled instruction through distance-learning efforts only. Additionally, schools will be required to reopen for on-site learning for students who need special services. The order was made to ensure vulnerable students without proper resources to engage in online learning had a place to go. 

Furthermore, Gov. Ducey’s order gives schools the ability to limit which students will attend physical classes, so they are able to properly follow social distancing procedures. According to Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, from the Arizona Department of Education, districts must open at least one location for students to attend in-person classes. However, districts are not required to open every school or demand every teacher to be physically in the classroom.

What Does This Mean for Downtown Phoenix Schools

Districts on their own are now in charge of developing a course of action on how they will proceed in reopening for the upcoming school year. If districts are ready to start classes by their scheduled first day of school, each is required to submit an online learning plan to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).  Regardless of when each district or charter school begins in-person classroom learning teacher-led learning through online platforms will be the first step. 

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You can read Governor Ducey’s full executive order here.

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