Introducing Phoenix Modern: The Newest Member of High Rising Schools of Phoenix

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is proud to announce the addition of Phoenix Modern to our alliance of downtown schools. As a supporter of our downtown urban core schools, we are happy to showcase all of the amazing things that this school offers to students near Downtown Phoenix. 

Phoenix Modern’s Empowering Curriculum

As you walk into a  classroom, you will notice the space isn’t like your ordinary K-12 setting. Each class is designed to allow children to explore, create, and prepare for learning through a personalized educational experience. They believe one size doesn’t fit all and students can act as co-creators of their educational journey. This allows them to grow into themselves and become confident in their abilities and ideas.

A Day in the Life of a Phoenix Modern Student

The student’s day begins with the ability to engage with their peers and to utilize classroom resources to work on their core skill goals. At 8:30 am, students gather into the studio for a community discussion meant to inspire and set the tone for the day. Throughout the remainder of the day, the children will work in several areas to build on core skills, such as math, reading, and writing. 

After lunch, students engage in art and fitness to support their growth in creativity, expression, and overall health and wellness. Throughout the afternoon, children engage in interdisciplinary projects that are composed of investigations and challenges that build off of students’ interests and curiosities. Each day ends with the closing circle, where students reflect on their day and also celebrate and encourage one another.

Experience What Phoenix Modern Can Do For You

They are reimagining the school experience and putting the child at the center of their learning experience. They are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year and available to answer your questions about their curriculum and enrollment here.

Welcome Phoenix Modern!

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A young kid in a bright yellow shirt playing with a spaceship and hanging planets at Phoenix Modern