Kenilworth School

in Phoenix Elementary School District #1

Anticipation and excitement are in the air for families at Kenilworth Elementary School, a High Rising School, because downtown Phoenix has been buzzing with the announcement of a huge revitalization project.  The notable PreK-8th grade Kenilworth School is right in the heart of it all in the Roosevelt Historic Home District. 

The revitalization project is a $100 million-dollar enhancement of Margaret T. Hance Park that will position it as one of the premier urban parks in the country. It even includes a multi-generational playground that students will enjoy thanks to a $2 million Fiesta Bowl donation.  

The neighborhood represents a century of remarkable progress including the historic Kenilworth School. The school combines first-class education, top-notch technology, and proven inclusion tactics.  Beyond the building’s historic façade, the halls embody the memory of many famous Phoenicians who spent their early years of education at this beautiful historic schoolhouse, including Margaret T. Hance (the first female mayor of Phoenix) and Barry Goldwater (AZ’s Honorable U.S. Senator).

Today’s diverse student body is rich with multiple perspectives, enabling peer to peer learning. Students develop a broad cultural understanding and benefit from the innovative ideas that can only come from an inclusive environment.

Kenilworth students embrace a diversity of experiences – only possible in a downtown community.  Immediate access to Burton Barr Library, Great Arizona Puppet Theater, Children’s Museum, Arizona Science Center, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Phoenix College, Herberger, and Orpheum Theater, all within a few blocks and unparalleled in suburban settings.  

Beyond access to world-class cultural institutions, Phoenix’s Downtown businesses, organizations, and the universities are engaged in our downtown schools.  Kenilworth stands apart as the school looks forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020! 

It’s an exciting time to be part of the school and the academic environment led by highly qualified teachers with super cool programs including STEAM, Robotics, Arts, Athletics and more. Plus, few schools can lay claim to having a social worker, psychologist, and nurse on staff to support students, as well as a free after school program for students of working parents and free athletic programs for 5th-8th-grade students.

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