Montecito Community Schools

Phoenix District No.1

Montecito Community Schools in the High Rising Schools of Phoenix.

The Osborn School District, Montecito Preschool is collaborating with the Helios Education Foundation, Arizona State University, Childsplay and the Arizona Department of Education to offer this FREE/reduced rate, research based preschool, for children 3-4 years of ages.

Built in 1998, it has a state of the art new gymnasium, marquee, renovated cafeteria with full kitchen, video surveillance & alarm system, plus many playgrounds. The building is a two story building. Montecito has a large library area, computer lab, cafeteria with large stage including an audio system.  The center of the building has a courtyard that was used as an outdoor science lab for students. On the back side, there is a baseball field and many basketball courts.


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