On-Site Learning Plans for Downtown Phoenix Schools

We all are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Employers have mandated social distancing guidelines for workers or even committed to remote working environments until the end of the year. This crisis has also affected many families with school-aged children. So what is happening in our schools? 

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is looking into how our community of urban core schools is handling this health crisis and what the plans are to return to in-person learning looks like within Downtown Phoenix Schools.

Pandemic Schooling

Since Governor Doug Ducey and Arizona Schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman advised schools to open for in-person instruction to start on August 17, 2020 schools have had to make significant changes. This gave school administrators the flexibility to design a plan that best fits their needs within each school district. However, when this all started, no one had a plan to follow for “pandemic schooling.”

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, initially what has resulted was a patchwork of approaches. This balancing act hasn’t been easy for schools, staff, or families as concerns were polarized across the board.

Learning Options

Prioritizing the needs of each school grade, plans have been devised at all Downtown Phoenix schools and have been continually recalibrated after more government orders arose.  Essentially, parents were given three options: learn online at home, learn at school with heightened health and safety securities, or kids come to a facility that provides a supervised online experience away from home.

Here are some highlights of school format options happening in our urban core schools.

Phoenix College: In-person and Remote classes available

Phoenix College aims to continue high-quality instruction while providing the flexibility to ensure safety at all times. They are offering in-person options at many of their campuses that include a hybrid online learning model for students that have chosen to further their education in-person during this time. READ MORE HERE.

Phoenix Union: On-site and Distance learning available

Phoenix Union School District is committed to providing students with the greatest need, a safe and productive learning environment. During this time, campuses will be open to provide specific services to an identified group of students. A focus on online education options has granted laptops for all students providing a substantive distance learning plan required by the Executive Order. READ MORE HERE.

Osborn School District: Enhanced distance learning and in-person instruction after Fall Break

Distance learning is being engaged online for all grades via Livestream and recorded lessons with district-provided Chromebooks for every student. In-person instruction will begin October 12 – May 2021 after a district-wide Fall break and follow CDC guidelines for health and safety. READ MORE HERE.

Charting the Course For Safe Learning

No matter what school your child goes to, school officials have been committed to making each model work for their students to help them thrive.

The High Rising Schools community is excited to promote excellent teachers and students within the Downtown Phoenix learning institutions. We know that our urban core schools provide some of the best education in Phoenix. 

Read more about our amazing Phoenix schools and what they are prepared for during the rest of the school year by visiting our website to learn more.

Two sisters with face masks standing side by side before going to their downtown schools