Partnerships Spotlight: The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation & State Farm

Sometimes, students find themselves in difficult situations to stay afloat financially while they pursue an education. This holds true particularly in community colleges where students are often the first in their families to go to college and work full- or part-time while attending college. Even a small increase in personal expenses can be a strain on the continuation of their education. To help combat this, businesses are stepping up to the plate with partnerships to grant funds to educational institutions to support students, especially as students are impacted during the pandemic. To provide more insights on the benefits of these business partnerships and their role in education, High Rising School of Phoenix checks in with the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) and their partnership with State Farm.

Creating A Safety Net for Students

The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) & Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) realized that there were a number of emergency situations derailing students from continuing their education.  Many community college students work part- or full-time to pay their tuition, rent, transportation costs, etc.  And if a student’s car breaks down, they might not have the funding to get it repaired right away, which could lead to them missing classes. 

Since 1996, State Farm Companies and its Foundation have provided philanthropic support benefiting students in need at the Maricopa Community Colleges through emergency funding, scholarships, grants, volunteerism, equipment donations, and matching gifts.  State Farm supports the communities where their associates live and work. As they say, “we make it our business to be a good neighbor.”  The Student Emergency Fund has been especially important in helping MCCCD students since the pandemic began last spring. 

State Farm Partnerships Awards MCCF $40,000 Additional Fund for Student Emergencies

In August, as the pandemic was impacting the most venerable Phoenicians, State Farm made another generous investment in education with their gift of $40,000 for the MCCF Student Emergency Fund

Student emergency requests range from paying utility bills that have arisen as a result of attending classes online from home, car repairs, and support for food insecurity. Students can request up to $200, and the funding is complemented with other support services to help students stabilize their finances. 

Business Partnerships Support Students During the Pandemic

As support of High Rising Schools of Phoenix, the Phoenix Community Alliance is pleased to work with organizations to create unique partnerships to benefit our community of schools. No matter what school your child goes to, school officials are committed to helping students thrive. 

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix community is excited to promote excellent business partnerships that strengthen schools and support students. Phoenix’s urban schools provide some of the best education in Valley, and we are proud to work with existing and potential partners to create a robust community and workforce through education funding.

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