School Highlight: Arizona School for the Arts

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is always thrilled to be leading the way for positive experiences in the world of education. There are a number of extraordinary schools with diverse learning opportunities in Phoenix, and we love sharing them with you. This month, we are highlighting Arizona School for the Arts (ASA), a 5th through 12th grade school that encourages creative thinkers and leaders.

This school is a gem among Arizona schools. Students at ASA participate in a dynamic curriculum that seamlessly integrates a rigorous college preparatory academic program with the performing arts including Music, Theatre, and Dance.  They benefit intellectually through an intense college-preparatory curriculum and artistically, as they graduate ready to perform on the stage, as scholars and community leaders. Arizona School for the Arts truly creates a strong bridge that connects arts and academics, and students learn to step out of their comfort zones, think critically, and collaborate with their peers.

At ASA, students are encouraged toward civic engagement and community leadership. From robotics to mock trial to model UN and even cross country, there’s something that every student can be a part of aside from academics and performance. There is no other school in Arizona with such a big emphasis on performing arts, and students are not required to know how to play an instrument or have prior experience in performing arts upon entering ASA.

At High Rising Schools, we recognize the thriving downtown Phoenix community. If you work or live in the downtown area or nearby and want a school that will benefit your child, look no further than Arizona School for the Arts or the wide variety of other schools located in the heart of our incredible city.

If you’re interested in learning more about Arizona School for the Arts, click here or call 602-257-1444.

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