School Highlight: Bioscience High School

High Rising Schools is proud to be part of the Phoenix community that is thriving and making students’ dreams a reality. We love showing off the incredible schools in the Valley. This month, we want to highlight Bioscience High School, which opened in August 2006 in the Biotechnology Center in downtown Phoenix. Bioscience High School, part of the Phoenix Union High School District, has nearly 400 students and a 100% four-year graduation rate. The school has four design principles which shape its core beliefs: multiple perspectives, scholarly endeavors, authentic experiences, and personalization. Using its design principles and core beliefs, the school provides a rigorous academic program that focuses on an innovative, problem-based approach where students gain a deeper understanding of science, math, and the arts. This school prepares its students to thrive in today’s complex and fast-paced technological communities.

There are numerous benefits to gaining an education through Bioscience High School. Its school year is divided into two semesters featuring integrated coursework, digital lessons, flipped classroom styles, seminars, and problem-based learning. Students have multiple opportunities to take AP exams including physics, government, and Spanish and may select a junior pathways program where they choose a biomedical or engineering focus. And the school offers dual enrollment credit through certain community college and university courses. Seniors participate in internships partnerships with academic and business communities to provide students with experience in the workforce while being mentored by professionals. Bioscience High School staff truly invest in students’ futures and want each one to succeed.

While its main focus is in academics, we can’t overlook the variety of clubs available to students who want to explore a little bit more. From theater to sports and publications clubs, Bioscience High School offers something for the artist, the athlete, the tech guru, and beyond. Bioscience High School is a place to make memories, expand horizons, explore the future, and express oneself. The robotics team is going to Houston next month for Nationals. Schools in the Phoenix Union High School District crack the stereotype that large urban areas struggle when it comes to education. At High Rising Schools of Phoenix, we recognize the various multicultural learning experiences surrounding Phoenix neighborhoods.

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