School Highlight: GateWay Community Summer Camp

The downtown Phoenix community is thriving, and High Rising Schools is proud to play an increasingly active role in making that a reality. We enjoy shining a spotlight on the great schools that are an integral part of the downtown landscape, and this month, we share more about GateWay Community College Summer Camp.

Located in the heart of metropolitan Phoenix, GateWay Community College provides access to higher education for diverse students and communities. Since 1968, GateWay has been working collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of Maricopa County citizens and is also home to the Children’s Learning Center (CLC), a Quality First rated childcare service available to students, employees, and members of the community.

The CLC has announced an all-new DES-approved Summer Camp for 2019, designed to offer engaging programs during the summer break for school-age children. Leia Wilson, director of the CLC, said, “The summer camps we offer are specifically designed to be engaging for children as young as six, and stimulating for 12-year-olds.” These DES-approved camps run for eight weeks and include breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. They offer crafts, field trips, and themed activities designed to help kids create memories to last a lifetime.

Camps are designed to appeal to a wide range of interests. For example, GateWay promises children will have a great time and will be challenged with STEM events during the Harry Potter Magical Engineering camp, surprised on their walk through the monkey village at the Phoenix Zoo during wildlife week, and get a chance to cool off in the summer heat during a trip to the pool on Wednesdays.

The Children’s Learning Center’s full-time Camp Gecko runs from May 28 to August 2, and DES-approved specialty, half-day camps are scheduled from June 10 to July 25. Click here to learn more and register online or contact Leia Wilson at 602-286-8135 or via email at with questions.

At High Rising Schools of Phoenix, our mission is to highlight the quality education choices available in the neighborhoods of downtown. We recognize that this area is more than just the high-rise buildings that comprise the heart of the business community, and that the surrounding neighborhoods provide a diverse, multicultural education experience not available in suburban institutions. From preschool through doctoral programs, downtown Phoenix offers world-class learning opportunities within walking distance for families that live in the historic bungalows and the high-rise homes of downtown. Our administrators are motivated to exceed expectations and our dedicated teachers are passionate about the downtown community and the students they educate. They offer a rich environment of electives and extracurricular activities as well as a dynamic core curriculum, ensuring students have what they need to get ahead in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. To learn more about High Rising Schools of Phoenix, click here.

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