School Highlight: Genesis Academy

This month, one of the fantastic schools we are highlighting is Genesis Academy, an alternative high school in central Phoenix whose mission is to serve 14-21-year-old youth who may have struggled in the traditional school setting. Genesis Academy provides individualized learning in a rigorous academic environment and focuses on equipping its students with the necessary skills and mindsets to be positive contributors in their community. Nearly 80% of Genesis Academy graduates (many of whom are the first in their families to graduate from high school) continue in post-secondary education and now work in high-level careers all over the Valley.

This Phoenix school can be the right choice for your child for a variety of reasons. For one, students have the opportunity to learn in a caring, supportive environment with high academic standards and small class sizes. Small class sizes are beneficial to both students and teachers In smaller classes, there is less disruption meaning more time for instruction. Students also have the opportunity to get to know each other better and are given more one-on-one time with the teacher for more individualized guidance. Additionally, Genesis Academy provides access to free community college courses, college advisement, and financial aid services, scholarships, job readiness training, job internships, civic engagement opportunities, a basketball program and a variety of clubs including Youth Entrepreneurs and Rising Youth Theatre.

Genesis Academy is also aware that homelessness and other barriers to success can be a sensitive subject, and it is committed to assisting those in need with educational opportunities and support services. The school removes any barriers to enrollment that youth struggling with homelessness and other social issues may encounter when trying to register at traditional schools. Some of these barriers that often prevent youth from attaining an education include transportation, immunization, residence, or past behavioral issues that they wish to overcome. Genesis Academy provides free public transportation to and from school and ensures that their campus provides equal opportunity for all of its students to learn and reach their full potential.

At High Rising Schools, we know that the downtown Phoenix community is thriving. If you work in or near the downtown area and are looking for schools that will benefit your child, take a look at Genesis Academy or the numerous additional schools located in the heart of our city.

If you’re interested in learning more about Genesis Academy, click here or call 602-254-8090.

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