School Highlight: Herrera School for the Arts

We want to give a shout out to one of our favorite High Rising Schools. This month, we are highlighting Herrera School for the Arts & Dual Language, a K-8 school in Phoenix Elementary School District #1 that believes in collaboration, conversation, and creativity. The school is proudly named for WWII Medal of Honor Awardee Silvestre Herrera. Herrera wants their students to grow both academically and socially. They are committed to three principles, known as the Panther Promises: Be respectful, be responsible and uphold a safe community.


This Phoenix school offers a hands-on learning experience for students in math, science, social studies, reading, and writing as well as placing a special focus on the arts and language. How do they accomplish this?


Each student has the opportunity to express themselves and be creative every day by participating in one of the school’s arts-focused areas such as dance, drama, instrumental music, visual arts or physical education. Herrera enjoys seeing how the arts inspire creativity and helps students build connections to the other subjects they are learning. They also provide a Spanish and English Dual Language Program, a learning experience parents can choose for their children where they can interact academically in both languages throughout the school day.


In addition to its heavy focus on the arts and language, Herrera offers tons of clubs, sports and musical opportunities outside of regular school hours. Athletics programs include everything from girls volleyball to co-ed soccer and even cheerleading. If your child has always wanted to be on stage, the Drama Llamas Club is an acting club for kids interested in theatre.


Let’s face it, as a parent sometimes our schedules are demanding and the school day can start and end at inconvenient times. Luckily, Herrera’s PEER (Phoenix Elementary Enrichment Resources) Club is a free before and after-school program that offers relief to working parents. This fun and engaging school club includes sports, arts, music and a variety of cultural experiences including Chinese Culture Camp, Native American Culture Camp and even Marine Life Camp.   


At High Rising Schools, we know that the downtown Phoenix community is thriving. If you work in the downtown area or nearby and are looking for schools that will benefit your child, look no further than Herrera or the vast amount of additional schools located in the heart of our city.


If you’re interested in learning more about Herrera School for the Arts & Dual Language, click here or call 602-257-3885.

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