School Highlight: Longview Elementary School

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix is excited to announce one of our schools was awarded with the prestigious Arizona Educational Foundation’s A+ Schools of Excellence for their exceptional teaching practices and student support! This highly sought after recognition labels Longview Elementary School’s achievements in preparing students to make their own contributions to the world as informed citizens that are balanced human beings with social skills, emotional awareness and artistic expression, as one of the best in the state. 

Longview Elementary School’s mission is to leverage positive relationships to develop pride in every child by focusing on academic learning, social skills, emotional awareness, civic engagement, and creative, artistic, and athletic expression. Their excellence was recognized by the Arizona Educational Foundation through its ambitious visits with the principal, holding group panels with parents, conducting classroom inspections, and randomly selecting students to be interviewed by the A+ committee. Passing with flying colors, Longview celebrated the accomplishment and honor with the community on May 15th, 2019.

A part of the Osborn School District, Longview offers students a chance to learn all of their academic content in two languages, alternating between total immersion classrooms in Spanish and English. With approximately 600 students in attendance in preschool through sixth grade students are encouraged to read, write, speak, and succeed academically in both English and Spanish. Connect with the school to find out why 30% of students choose a Longview education through open-enrollment.

Dedicated to making life-long learners out of their student base, stakeholders are committed to providing excellence in education in a welcoming, respectful, and safe community. Longview is also a Kids at Hope School, where students recite the following pledge each morning, “I am a Kid at Hope. I am talented, smart, and capable of success. I have dreams for the future and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams everyday. All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!” Additionally, staff recite their own pledge, “As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to search for all the talents, skills, and intelligence that exists in all children and youth. I believe all children are capable of success, No Exceptions!” 

Recent notable updates from Longview Elementary School:

  • Longview Elementary has been awarded the Arizona Educational Foundations A+ Schools of Excellence. Congratulations to the school and our community!
  • 6th-grade teacher, Ms. Jane DeBatty, was named Arizona’s first AAA school Safety Patrol advisor of the year. Our staff and students work to keep kids safe by teaching the next generation of leaders to be safe leaders.
  • Preparing students for “College, Career, and Beyond” 6th-grade students plan to attend JA BizTown to connect the dots between learning in school and how its applied to the real world.

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