School Highlight: Phoenix Biomedical Campus- University of Arizona

The High Rising Schools of Phoenix have become some of the most high-performing and highly sought-after in the state and we are excited to be paving the way for positive experiences.
This week we are highlighting the University of Arizona College of Medicine and all the opportunities they have to offer for students.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix is the anchor of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC) graduating 500 physicians since 2007. The State of Arizona and the City of Phoenix, along with other vital community partners, came together on this initiative designed to bring bioresearch and education to the heart of the city, and continue to be strong supporters of the college and university. In addition to the medical school, the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health train students on the campus, along with Eller College of Management MBA executive leadership programs.

The PBC serves as a major economic engine: at full build-out, this 30-acre urban medical and bioscience campus is planned for more than six million square feet of biomedical-related research, academic, and clinical facilities and is anticipated to generate an annual economic impact of $2.1 billion. A recent study commissioned by the University of Arizona and City of Phoenix determined the PBC has directly or indirectly created more than 9,400 jobs in Arizona. The Phoenix Biomedical Campus has one of the highest concentrations of research scientists and complementary research professionals in the region, providing firms with unprecedented opportunities for growth and collaborative efforts with industry leaders.

In an arena as exciting, innovative, and competitive as the biomedical sciences, every opportunity to excel must be taken. The City of Phoenix recognized the wide variety of institutions within this field and jumped at the chance to integrate them on a diverse, balanced biomedical campus. The PBC now serves as a major biosciences hub and premier provider of medical education. Nowhere else in the region can such a talented mix of doctors, researchers, innovators, educators, allied health professionals, and thought leaders be found all at one address as here in Downtown Phoenix, providing firms with unprecedented opportunities for growth and collaborative efforts with industry leaders. Its high concentration of research scientists and other health care professionals, coupled with its affiliations with the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, combine to make the PBC a premier and dynamic location for biomedical research.

The College of Medicine – Phoenix has a profound culture of community service; it is woven throughout all aspects of the college and will continue to be an integral, unique characteristic of the medical school’s identity. The College strives to spread the importance of health care by educating and serving the diverse communities of this state; moreover, it has made efforts to give children of all ages an introduction to the wonders of STEM education and to teach them the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle.
The High Rising Schools of Phoenix knows that the downtown Phoenix community is thriving, and offers great schools, best-in-class art programs, technology programs, civic engagement opportunities, and more. We offer a multicultural, multifaceted education experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. The UA College of Medicine-Phoenix and the entire Phoenix Biomedical Campus is emblematic of our commitment to the citizens of the entire state, and downtown Phoenix.

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