School Highlight: Phoenix Coding Academy

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is proud to be part of a community that is thriving and making a positive difference in students’ lives. There is a variety of excellent educational opportunities, and we love taking the time to show off fantastic schools in the Valley. This month, we are highlighting Phoenix Coding Academy, one of the first public high schools of its kind. Students who attend this school care about gaining a strong education, are interested in a career in the technology industry and are creators, innovators, flexible, open-minded and proactive.

Phoenix Coding Academy is a specialty, small public high school that focuses on computer coding and technology pathways. As the tech industry continues to advance, so do the students. Employment opportunities in the tech industry are growing at a faster rate than other industries, and these students become highly prepared with the necessary computer science skills needed to thrive in today’s complex and ever-changing technological communities. The learning environment is project-based, dynamic and student-centered, and students receive a full high school curriculum in addition to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. CTE pathways are one of the finest benefits at Phoenix Coding Academy, with courses in software development, web design, networking, information and security, engineering, and technology entrepreneurship. Not only does this amazing school provide industry certification and university dual enrollment, but it also prepares students for college, careers and life success.

Phoenix Coding Academy is part of the Phoenix Union High School District, where there are more classes, more specialized programs and more opportunities for every student. PUHSD wants all of its students to create memories by expanding their horizons, exploring their future, expressing themselves and exceeding their own expectations. At High Rising Schools of Phoenix, we recognize the importance of diverse academic experiences in our neighborhoods.

If you’re interested in learning more about Phoenix Coding Academy, click here or call 602-764-5700.

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