School Highlight: St. Mary’s Catholic High School

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is thrilled to be part of a community with so many extraordinary schools. We believe in the importance of diverse educational opportunities, and Phoenix offers plenty. One of the fabulous, unique schools we are excited to highlight this month is St. Mary’s Catholic High School, part of the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools.

St. Mary’s Catholic High School has been part of Phoenix for more than a century. It was founded in 1917, just five years after Arizona became a state, and served five boys and 12 girls in a single classroom. It was also Arizona’s first-ever Roman Catholic, Diocesan high school. St. Mary’s goal is to provide a liberal arts education that develops virtuous young men and women who know the truth and love the good. Everything they learn and do is traced back to Jesus Christ. Centered on the gospel, the school is devoted to the spiritual, academic, social, and personal growth and transformation of each student. Faith and reason are worked into math, science, fine arts, and humanities courses in order to prepare students for college and a career.

The centrally-located school revolves around six virtues: reverence, courtesy, obedience, respect, loyalty, and studiousness. Outside of the classroom, the school holds campus ministries and has many opportunities for students to participate in retreats, mission trips and community service. Additionally, St. Mary’s offers tons of sports for every season including football, golf, swimming, and volleyball as well as a variety of clubs such as drama, gardening, and science. At High Rising Schools of Phoenix, we know how crucial it is to find a school that fits all of a student’s personal needs and learning abilities. St. Mary’s can be a perfect choice for those who want a great education while also staying in touch with their spiritual side.

If you’re interested in learning more about St. Mary’s Catholic High School, click here or call 602-251-2500.

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