Self Development Academy-Phoenix (K-8)

Phoenix District No.1

Self Development Academy-Phoenix (K-8) in the High Rising Schools of Phoenix.

Dr. Anjum Majeed opened Self Development Preschool in 1988 to provide preschool-aged children with an academically challenging environment supported by an engaging curriculum and dedicated staff. Self Development Academy-Phoenix is the second Self Development Academy Campus to open. They bring the same belief that every child has a natural yearning to succeed and excel. The curriculum has won Self Development Academy award after award, and the same culture of high expectations by the Teachers that has led to rank Self Development Academy as having #1 Best Middle School Teachers in the Nation.

The curriculum is aligned to standards set by the Arizona Department of Education, teaching one grade level above those standards. The challenging curriculum is distinctively designed to reach all types of learners, using a combination of strategies to enhance learning and inspire.  Teachers make learning fun and achievable, motivating students to achieve high goals.


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