Self Development Academy

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Self Development Academy

What Makes SDA Different? The Facts:

  • SDA is ranked top 10 among all Arizona schools for the amount a student learns at the school in a given academic year. (
  • SDA is an accelerated program that teaches one grade level above Arizona standards and relies on high international standards. SDA’s percentage of passing the Arizona State Standardized tests surpasses the Arizona average. (Note: 100% of students at SDA are tested).
  • SDA provides a well-rounded curriculum with hands-on learning opportunities including science labs, violin and percussions lessons, literary analysis, Spanish and Latin, and technology integration. To further challenge our gifted and talented students, SDA implements an enrichment program, the Six-Years-in-Four-Years Program, also known as the SIF Program. The SIF program helps students save up to two years of schooling.
  • SDA balances academics with socialization, leadership, and service to others through Student Council, Math Counts, Science Bowl, and Dance Club.
  • SDA’s emphasis on physical fitness exceeds the regular physical education program. Students are encouraged to participate in an after-school sports club.
  • SDA’s approach to a small group “pull outs” provides an opportunity for students to master the concepts and hone their creative and critical thinking skills.
  • SDA’s faculty and staff take pride in providing a caring and nurturing environment where all students respect others as well as themselves.


Dr. Anjum Majeed opened Self Development Preschool in 1988 to provide preschool-aged children with an academically challenging environment supported by an engaging curriculum and dedicated staff. Recognizing the benefits of this type of early education, parents wanted this same type of challenging academic environment for their children in kindergarten and beyond. Consequently, Self Development Academy (then known as Self Development Charter School) was founded by Dr. Majeed in 2000, adjacent to the preschool. Although SDA has grown from its modest beginnings with 37 students, the growth process has been deliberate and thoughtful to preserve both academic and fiscal integrity. Today, Self Development Academy’s enrollment exceeds 700 students. Many students who begin with the preschool continue at Self Development Academy through eighth grade, thus providing parents the assurance that their children receive a firm educational foundation.

PCPA maintains the highest academic standards to ensure students meet all state requirements for a high school diploma. It is also possible that graduate students can complete several community college courses.


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