St. Gregory Catholic School

The Diocese of Phoenix

High Rising Phoenix of Phoenix is excited to highlight The Diocese of Phoenix – St. Gregory Catholic School this month. This faith-based preschool through 8th-grade elementary school promotes Christian values to their students while educating in traditional academics. 

The administrators and diocesan leaders at St. Gregory are an excellent group of educator experts who are enriched in the model of Catholic-based education. As their mission statement states, their focus is to teach, practice, and promote Christian values and pursue excellence in education while living the Catholic faith in today’s world.

The pastor at St. Gregory’s Church governs the school and provides high-level, big-picture decisions about mission, vision, and money, while the principal is prepared to implement day-to-day school management and oversees the educational staff. This lets the principal focus on students and teachers and the pastor focus on the school’s spiritual life. This ensures the school maximizes educational quality and financial stability. 

Catholic School 101

Today’s parochial school system was shaped on a strong foothold in 1606 by the Franciscan order in present-day St. Augustine, Florida. In 1810, Elizabeth Ann Seton founded the first free Catholic school in the United States. Today, there are 6,289 Catholic schools in the United States. There are 5092 elementary schools and 1197 high schools. The Catholic high school graduation rate is 99.2%. The teacher to student ratios at Catholic schools is: 12:1 in elementary schools and 11:1 in high schools. (Source: National Catholic Education Association []). 

Spiritual Activities

At St. Gregory, each school day begins and ends with a prayer to deeply root each student and educator into the faith. Students also participate in devotions, Eucharistic celebrations and the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent.

Long-Standing Tradition

St. Gregory has a long tradition of family, community, and excellence in education. Many of the students are children and grandchildren of St. Gregory alumni. This tradition is passed through generations to keep the school strong and rooted in faith. 

Community Service

The school is committed to creating empathetic students who are dedicated to serving others. In doing so, St. Gregory encourages each child to select service opportunities to participate in individually and with their families. This community service is a requirement to fulfill the student’s quarterly Religion grade.


The academic program at St. Gregory Catholic School has been developed to help each learner work toward their fullest potential. The Christ-centered curriculum includes Religion, Computer Literacy, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Catholic Family Life, Science, Social Studies, and for the 7-8th graders, Advanced Math and Honors Language Arts. Students are able to participate in Student Council (grades 4-8) and team sports (grades 5-8).


St. Gregory Catholic School is accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) and AdvancED. WCEA works to guarantee quality Catholic schools through a process of accreditation. In this process, WCEA affirms the faith formation of every student, ensures sound academic standards that meet the needs of all who are enrolled in the school and promotes excellence in Catholic education. The purpose of AdvancED is to require members to have an accreditation process that fosters quality, encourages academic excellence, and improves teaching and learning.

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