Students are the Change-Makers to Prevent Bullying at Whittier School

High Rising Schools of Phoenix is always delighted to be part of a community that is adding positive experiences to the world of education. There are so many exceptional schools with diverse learning opportunities in Phoenix. This time, we want to highlight Whittier School in the Phoenix Elementary School District #1. This K-8 school in the historic Coronado neighborhood in Phoenix believes in providing a high-quality academic and social-emotional foundation to support students to excel both in school and in life.

Whittier School, under the guidance of Principal Amy Rendon, ensures a safe school where students are the change-makers to prevent bullying. In fact, Whittier School was named the first “No Place for Hate” elementary school in Phoenix by the Anti-Defamation League and recently received this inspiring designation for the third consecutive year. The program was launched through their student-led “Be the Change” club. The school welcomes students of all neighborhoods, backgrounds and learning abilities. At Whittier, students learn to develop critical thinking skills needed to make a positive impact in their school, community and the world, and they do it all in a friendly learning environment. The committed teachers provide excellent instruction, working together to analyze Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards in order to carefully plan lessons for students. Student achievement, the overall well-being of students, and parent engagement are the school’s top priorities.

We want to point out another incredible asset to the school, School Resource Officer Rusty Baubie. Officer Baubie is there to protect and ensure a safe school environment, prevent juvenile delinquency, develop emergency plans for the campus, counsel students, and educate students about the law so that they turn into outstanding citizens.

Students are given plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom. Free sports programs are offered for students in grades five through eight, and a free after-school program is available for students of working parents. There is something for everyone with after-school clubs and activities.

A nurse, social worker and psychologist are also available to support students. Students at Whittier enjoy a safe and enriching environment with all kinds of unique experiences that are sure to create memories as well as academic and social growth.

Whittier is a “B” rated school as defined by the Arizona Department of Education.

If you’re interested in learning more about Whittier School, click here or call 602-257-3755.

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